This new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner performs insane aerial tricks

Most passengers would complain about their plane taking off at an almost upright angle, leaning fully into turns, and swooping through the clouds like it's NBD. After all, the drink cart would likely end up in the window seat, and good luck holding on to your bowels.

But the folks at the Farnborough Airshow, ​an aircraft manufacturing expo that takes place in the UK every year, had nothing but awe and applause for the incredible moves displayed by Boeing's newest innovation, the 787-9 Dreamliner. Planes are expected to perform tricky maneuvers with the grace of a bird at the air show -- even gigantic Boeings that could carry a commercial flight-load. 

In this video, a massive 787-9 Dreamliner dips, swerves, and scrapes the sky -- and makes aerial moves no jumbo jet could conceivably make. In fact, viewers began questioning the video's authenticity. But as The Verge points out, yesterday's release of this longer video (of the exact same flight) proves that the Boeing's agility is remarkably genuine.

Marvel at the ridiculous run for yourself in the video below...

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Yes, that's a British accent. No, she doesn't watch Doctor Who. Follow her on Twitter at @ChloePantazi.