Book a private jet straight from your smartphone

Helping ensure you never have to go through security again, BlackJet's an Uber-like web/iPhone app (from the dude behind, well, Uber) that lets you book seats on private, non-commercial jets directly from your smartphone.

BlackJet app screenshots

How's it work? Simple: after paying the paltry $2.5k-a-year membership fee, download the app, and in an advertised "10 clicks/10 seconds", you can buy a captain's chair (which includes a spot for your "well-behaved dog"!) on a non-stop flight between any of their 10 serviced US destinations, incl. Las Vegas, LA, and Chicago. That's pretty much it. If you want, they'll even let you charter an entire plane -- speaking of which, their jets maintain between 6 and 14 seats and "do not include VLJ's or the smaller Citations and Lears". So… suck it Lear!

BlackJet demo calculator

Want to see how much a flight from Boston to San Francisco would cost on BlackJet before throwing down for the annual feel? Smart. It's easy, just use their online tool that will calculate the fare right down to the Federal excise tax and government segment fee. Also, it's $3551.40.

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