The Worst US City for Drivers Is...


Anyone who's ever talked to anyone from LA has heard a traffic horror story. The city has the most traffic jams in the nation, after all. But it turns out, LA isn't the worst place to be a driver.

According to a new study by finance experts at NerdWallet, Boston is actually the worst. And not just as a place, but specifically, for being behind the wheel. The site pulled data for the average cost of gas and car insurance, the number of rainy and snowy days (that contribute to poor driving conditions), availability of parking, annual hours of traffic, and the likelihood of an accident to rank the 25 least driver-friendly metros, assigning each a score out of 100.

Boston zoomed to the top thanks to poor winter weather (which makes for dangerous roads), less than ample parking, with just 1.36 garages per every 1,000 cars, and the greatest likelihood of an accident over any other city. Quite a troika. Washington, DC, came in second place with 67 hours of traffic annually and the average car owner’s insurance priced at $1,390.88. LA took third, with drivers sitting in 61 hours of traffic a year, and paying $4.01 per gallon for gas -- as NerdWallet points out, 57 cents above average. Angelenos complain about that, too.

Cities across the country, including Miami, Seattle and New York City, ranked among the worst places to be behind the wheel. But somehow, neither Houston nor Atlanta made the top 10. See, Houstonians and Atlantans? It gets better.

Take a look at the worst cities for drivers on the map below, and click on each to see its ranking and overall score.

And here are the top 10 cities for going nowhere fast, in list form:

10. New York City, NY
9. Detroit, MI
8. Seattle, WA
7. Philadelphia, PA
6. San Francisco, CA
5. Chicago, IL
4. Miami, FL
3. Los Angeles, CA
2. Washington, DC
1. Boston, MA

Head over to NerdWallet to see the full 25, and maybe take the subway next time.