British Airways lost everyone's bags on a computer glitch

British Airways has been in the press a lot recently. While its new high-tech "happiness blanket" probably falls on the positive side of the ledger, sending a guy to the wrong place was pretty bad. And the latest news about lost bags? It's just straight up awful.

In fact, a technical glitch with BA's baggage processing system at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 lost thousands of passengers' bags last week.

"The Terminal 5 baggage system experienced intermittent IT issues between 26-29 June", the airline said in a press release issued Tuesday. "As a result some bags were processed manually which resulted in a backlog".

That's a cleaned-up way of saying, "A lot of pissed off people didn't get their bags when they landed".

"We are very sorry for the disruption passengers have experienced", the airline said. "We have been working round the reunite passengers with their bags as quickly as possible... it will take several days to reunite all passengers with their bags".

When asked by Yahoo, Heathrow declined to comment, while BA said that the bags weren't misplaced, but rather "missed their flights". As if the bags were busy chowing at Sbarro.

By Monday, BA's baggage processing system was working again, though many were still waiting for their luggage to appear, according to The Guardian. BA also said that it "will help cover essential items" bought by customers affected by the baggage mishap, but in the interim, it encouraged passengers to “carry essential items in their hand baggage as a precaution".

So don't get caught with your pants down, and be sure to pack extra undies in your carry-on.