The President's plane goes on auction

Air Force One NYC Ground Zero

Yes, you read that right. You can buy Air Force freaking One. Although technically it's not Air Force One unless the POTUS is actually on board, screw that, it's Air Force One, and it's currently on auction at a reserve price of just a measly $50k. It's all official, and's being auctioned by the government; it was in service between '75 & '05, and has flown Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, plus a whole mess of generals, diplomats, and officials while serving as Air Force Two (Harrison Ford, if you're out there, that would make an awesome sequel).The plane itself is a Douglas DC-9 w/ twin turbo-jet engines, has a top speed of 550 mph, a max altitude of 37k feet, and -- as is our understanding -- all kinds of badass countermeasures. Obviously there's no coach. The whole thing's been upped to first class, with space for a comfortable 42 in all split between the main & forward cabins. If, for some wild reason, you're still unsure, simply call in and make an appointment to inspect it yourself! It's currently being held in the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport down in AZ, just in case you'd want to have a Polk around.

air force one data plates
air force one cockpit
air force one cockpit
air force one forward cabin