Want to live and work in Europe? Become a citizen for only $250K!!

If you've ever wanted to work in Europe but couldn't get a visa, or aspired to being more "European" but couldn't commit to chain-smoking and black v-necks, turns out the nation of Bulgaria wants to play Let's Make a Deal. As in, they're willing to sell you EU citizenship for a sweet $250K.

While buying visas is hardly new, reporters from Britain's The Telegraphwent undercover recently to see how easy it was to obtain a full EU passport in Bulgaria. The answer: very. In fact, Bulgaria doesn't even require you own property or live in the country to gain all the benefits of EU citizenship, which include unrestricted travel, cheap (or free) "university", and an uncanny ability to appreciate the acting talents of David Hasselhoff. All you need is straight cash money, and a quick 24hr stop in Sofia.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist’s über-efficient German associate travel editor. She’s had frequent flyer status ever since her mother gave birth to her at a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her adventures @Sohostyle.