Sneaking Booze onto Carnival Cruises Just Got Way Harder


Talk about a buzzkill: in an effort to crack down on the unauthorized alcohol being smuggled aboard its ships, Carnival is effectively banning its passengers from bringing any bottled beverages with them on their cruise. That's right, not even water -- the salad days of vodka-filled Poland Spring bottles are at an end.

Unhappy with this turn of events? You can thank the countless booze smugglers who've caused a ruckus after overindulging, as they're unsurprisingly the main reason for Carnival's revised beverage carry-on policy. If you're one of those people, congratulations: you've ruined everything.

Passengers are still allowed to bring a single bottle of wine or champagne, but any other beverages they bring must be in a sealed can or carton, and even then they're limited to 12 per person. Don't fret though, you'll still be able to purchase bottled water at a discounted rate of $2.99 per 12pk before boarding the ship, or $4.99 once you've left port. Because we all know hydration's your key concern in all of this.

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