The 10 friendliest cities in America


Gorgeous scenery, a rich culture, and affable locals who might offer you a glass of sweet tea if you give 'em the chance (not to mention the best college football in all of America!) -- there's nothing quite like the South. 

So it's hardly surprising that a region renowned for its hospitality and charm would win over readers of Conde Nast Traveler in a recent survey of America's friendliest cities. Of the top 10, six rest below the Mason-Dixon Line -- eight if you're one of those people not from Texas who count Texas as part of the South. 

So, what are they? Here you go: The most welcoming cities in the United States.

10. Asheville, North Carolina


9. Nashville, Tennessee 

8. Key West, Florida

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

6. Fort Worth, Texas

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Telluride, Colorado

3. San Antonio, Texas

2. Savannah, Georgia


1. Charleston, South Carolina