The 10 Cheapest Countries in Europe

While visiting Europe might not be as cheap as it was back in March, it's still a pretty damn good time to visit the continent without blowing too much of your savings. But where would an aspiring Euro-tourist find the most value for their vacation budget?

Eurostat just released its Purchasing Power Parities analysis for 2014, ranking 37 European countries by their price levels for more than 2,400 consumer goods and services ranging from restaurants and hotels to transport services. Each country was assigned a price index score, with anything over 100 being pricier than average and anything under 100 being more of a bargain.

Turns out, Macedonia's the cheapest game in town with a price index of 47, while Bulgaria follows close behind with 48 and Albania closes out the top three with 50. In fact, a whopping seven of the 10 cheapest European countries are located on the Balkan peninsula, with the sole outliers being Poland (56), Hungary (57), and Turkey (61).

The most expensive countries, meanwhile, are hardly surprising: Switzerland led the priciest pack on the continent (154), followed by Norway (148) and Denmark (138). This doesn't explain why the Swiss are so damn happy, though.

Here are the full top 10 lists for Europe's cheapest and most expensive countries:


10. Turkey (61)
9. Hungary (57)
8. Montenegro (57)
7. Poland (56)
6. Romania (54)
5. Serbia (53)
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina (53)
3. Albania (50)
2. Bulgaria (48)
1. Macedonia (47)

Most Expensive:

10. France (111)
9. Belgium (117)
8. Netherlands (120)
7. Ireland (121)
6. United Kingdom (122)
5. Finland (123)
4. Sweden (125)
3. Denmark (138)
2. Norway (148)
1. Switzerland (154)

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