Flights to These 20 Cities Are Gonna Be Real Cheap in June

myrtle beach
The very best (and cheapest) June getaways. | Kelly Verdeck Photography/Moment/Getty Images
The very best (and cheapest) June getaways. | Kelly Verdeck Photography/Moment/Getty Images

June, I suspect, is the month that is most synonymous with travel for most people. We imprinted upon it as children, when all of summer vacation lay stretched out before us, and something about this school’s-out mentality stays with many of us even after we grow up and stop getting luxurious three-month vacations. June is the month to go to music festivals, to go off the grid, to escape to a lake town you’ve never visited before, to switch hemispheres and make it a (warm) winter for a week or several.

June is also the beginning of peak tourist season in many destinations, so we want to find those sweet spots that are perfect to visit but haven’t yet experienced inflated prices. So this is the point at which we turn to the folks at Hopper to do what they do best -- crunching some numbers from millions of past flights to predict the 20 cities, foreign and domestic, where flight prices are likely to drop the most for the month of June.

myrtle beach
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. | Sean Pavone/Shutterstock


Bozeman, Montana (where flight prices are down 30%), is quite arguably one of the best small towns in America, and a great stop if you’re thinking about road-tripping anywhere around Yellowstone National Park this summer. But it’s excellent that Myrtle Beach (down 37%) tops this list for June, because June 6-9 is when you’ll find the Carolina Country Music Fest there (tickets start at $199 for three days). This year’s lineup isn’t out yet, but last year CCMF featured dozens of artists including Toby Keith, Zac Brown Band, and Deanna Carter. If you’re still there June 14 and 15 and would like a change of pace, you are in luck -- head to the speedway for the Monster Truck Beach Devastation Show (tickets start at $12 for kids and $17 for adults; get there early for the pre-game Pit Party). Here is a helpful taste of what you’re in for:

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -- $167 (38%)
2. Washington DC -- $218 (37%)
3. Las Vegas, Nevada -- $229 (37%)
4. Chicago, Illinois -- $224 (36%)
5. Hawaii Island, Hawaii -- $458 (31%)
6. Ontario, California -- $258 (30%)
7. Phoenix, Arizona -- $264 (30%)
8. Bozeman, Montana -- $327 (30%)
9. San Antonio, Texas -- $253 (30%)
10. Colorado Springs, Colorado -- $235 (30%)

Melbourne, Australia. | Glenn Gregory/EyeEm/Getty Images


June is wintertime in Australia, and if you’re like me, that’s a trip you want to make when things’ll be breeziest. Melbourne (down 32%) and Sydney (down 34%) are already much less humid than cities to the north like Darwin, and June sees some events that make them even lovelier. After a brief hiatus, the beloved Melbourne Book Market is back, setting up within Queen Victoria Market every Sunday through late August. The first week of June means it’s time for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and June 8 you can catch the Winter Wine Fest (tickets start around $75). Head up the coast, meanwhile, and you’ll find the Sydney Film Festival running from June 5-16. Vivid Sydney -- part music festival, part art installation, part technology summit -- also takes over the capital the first half of the month. After dark, when you’re walking around downtown, you’ll be able to see light projections playing off of iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House.

1. San Jose del Cabo -- $357 (44%)
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands -- $683 (39%)
3. Paris, France -- $619 (36%)
4. Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic -- $445 (35%)
5. Cartagena, Colombia -- $373 (35%)
6. Sydney, Australia -- $883 (34%)
7. Antigua Island, Antigua and Barbuda -- $520 (33%)
8. Sao Paulo, Brazil -- $817 (33%)
9. Melbourne, Australia -- $904 (32%)
10. Medellin, Colombia -- $370 (31%)

Hopper’s price predictions are about 90% accurate, so you can feel secure in the fact that they’re not likely to lead you astray here. To take advantage of the savings, download the Hopper app (along with any of our other handy travel apps if you haven’t already, why not) and plug in any dates and destination cities you have your eye on. Then you just continue living your life while Hopper does the work -- you’ll get a notification from the app when flight prices in your desired cities have dropped as low as they’re expected to go, which is your cue to jump on them bookings.

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