Flights to These 20 Cities Are About to Get Super Cheap For March

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Choose your spring break destination wisely. | wundervisuals/E+/Getty Images
Choose your spring break destination wisely. | wundervisuals/E+/Getty Images

March is a lot. The weeklong hangover from Mardi Gras is barley gone once the month ends, then gives way to the, um, madness that is March Madness, spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, and probably a lot of other things involving sports (I assume). March does mean more expensive flights overall, but it also means certain locations actually get less expensive as a response. Connecting flights are normally cheaper than direct, but, when there’s a big spike in demand, prices for flights to airports running a lot of non-stop flights each day often go down.

One of the better, least-stressful ways to go about snagging these deals is turning your search over to Hopper, one of our most tried-and-true travel apps. Those folks crunch all the numbers from millions of past flights to extrapolate which future flights are likely to get cheap at specific times. Here are the top 20 destinations, foreign and domestic, that they expect to see the steepest price-drops in the month of March.

Orlando, Florida. | Mia2you/Shutterstovk


March is quite possibly the very best month for visiting Florida (down 34%). It’s the dry season. It’s not stiflingly hot. And there is, of course, Spring Break. I myself once spent such a break in Florida, funneling beer out of a plastic flamingo and tripping over frat bros strewn about the beach in various stages of collapse. But Orlando is safely removed from the popular Spring Break destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers -- instead, you could check out events like the Orlando Caribbean Festival or CultureFest Orlando (both March 14). And you can always escape to one of the state’s many, many other beaches. Including the nude ones.

Here are the other domestic destinations on discount:

1. Palm Springs, California -- $281 (36%) [Search flights]
2. Nashville, Tennessee -- $232 (36%) [Search flights]
3. Orlando, Florida -- $160 (34%) [Search flights]
4. Dallas, Texas -- $180 (28%) [Search flights]
5. Salt Lake City, Utah -- $249 (26%) [Search flights]
6. Reno, Nevada -- $263 (25%) [Search flights]
7. Boston, Massachusetts -- $170 (25%) [Search flights]
8. Kahului, Hawaii -- $341 (21%) [Search flights]
9. Seattle, Washington -- $170 (19%) [Search flights]
10. Tucson, Arizona -- $275 (19%) [Search flights]

Paris, France | Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images


Got a full week off? Take advantage of this unusually cheap Paris option (down 37%), which not only takes you to … Paris … but gives you a perfect jumping-off point for exploring the other parts of France that are not the City of Lights. Similarly, you could use the Cancun flight (down 36%) to wild out with some college kids (understandable especially if you yourself are a college kid) but also use it to explore any number of the non-tourist trap Mexican beaches, far from the crowds. 

Here's the full international spread:

1. Barcelona, Spain -- $411 (41%) [Search flights]
2. Paris, France -- $449 (37%) [Search flights]
3. Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia -- $608 (36%) [Search flights]
4. Cancun, Mexico -- $358 (36%) [Search flights]
5. Saint Martin Island -- $448 (35%) [Search flights]
6. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic -- $299 (34%) [Search flights]
7. Rome, Italy -- $471 (34%) [Search flights]
8. Lisbon, Portugal -- $646 (83%) [Search flights]
9. Reykjavik, Iceland -- $486 (28%) [Search flights]
10. Zurich, Switzerland -- $649 (26%) [Search flights]

Hopper’s price-drop predictions have historically been about 95% percent accurate, so you can generally trust Hopper. To take advantage of Hopper’s predictions, download the app if you haven’t already and then input the dates and destinations (by city) you have your eye on. Done? Cool. Easy. Now we wait -- Hopper will ping you when prices for the relevant flights have dipped to the lowest they’re predicted to go. Don’t forget to scoop them up. March Madness indeed.

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