The Cheapest Country to Travel in Is...

Everyone loves a good deal -- especially when it comes to travel. With that in mind, GoEuro, a search engine for air, bus, train, ferry, and car rental options, produced its Transportation Price Index to show which countries are the cheapest per 100km (62 miles). 

In the end, the big winner proved to be South Africa, ranking No. 1 across all modes of transport.

GoEuro's study analyzed data on trains, buses and flights in 51 countries across 5 continents as well as the costs of each mode of transport. It also factored in distance, schedule, and taxes, along with regional travel and inter-city travel. That way, it wasn't penalizing small countries for being small, or big countries for being big. Kinda like how Congress has the Senate and the House, except things actually move forward in these modes of transport.


The rankings also included the cheapest countries in air, train, and bus travel. India came out cheapest for flights at $10.36; South Africa cheapest for trains at $1.88; and Egypt cheapest for buses at $1.88.

On the flip side, Finland was most expensive for flights at $138.90; Denmark most expensive for trains at $39.84; and the Netherlands most expensive for buses at $28.58.

Check out the 10 cheapest countries to get around in below. And for the full report, head over to GoEuro.

10. China

9. Egypt

Ryan Craggs

8. Mexico

7. Latvia

6. Turkey

5. Ukraine

3 (tie). Malaysia

3 (tie). Thailand

2. Albania

1. South Africa

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