These are the cheapest states in America

Sure, it's a SPAM-lover's idea of paradise, but Hawaii's less than ideal for someone of a penny-pinching persuasion; a hundred bucks is only worth about $85 there. What's a spendthrift Hawaiian vagabond to do?

Pack up and move to Kentucky, according to CNBC's latest cost of living ranking -- the Bluegrass State ranked cheapest in the Union when it comes to average home price, monthly energy bill, the price of a visit to the doctor, and the cost of both a half gallon of milk and a T-bone steak. In other words, the bare essentials.

A half gallon of milk in Kentucky goes for just $2.19, while a T-bone steak will run you $9.45. Comparatively, in South Carolina (the No. 10 state), those same goods cost $2.69 and $10.38, respectively.

KY may have moved up from its no. 3 position in last year's ranking, but did your home state make the cut? Check out CNBC's full article, or view the top 10 below and consider taking up the banjo and building your own moonshine still.

10. South Carolina

9. Tennessee

8. Alabama (tie)

8. Indiana (tie)

6. Mississippi

5. West Virginia

4. Louisiana

3. Oklahoma

2. Arkansas

1. Kentucky

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and he currently lives in NYC, so his hundred dollars is worth about tree fiddy. Follow him to the promised land on Twitter @gjaccoma