America is Bursting with Cherry Blossoms Right Now

Published On 03/20/2020 Published On 03/20/2020
cherry blossoms
Cherry Blossoms are in bloom at University of Washington. | Kai Wang/500Px Plus/Getty Images
San Francisco, California | Michael Warwick/Shutterstock
Brooklyn, New York | Solo Chan/500px/Getty Images
Branch Brook Park, New Jersey | Adrienne Bresnahan/Moment Open/Getty Images
St. Louis, Missouri | f11photo/Shutterstock
Dallas, Texas | Eng Hin Ong /500px Plus/Getty Images
Seattle, Washington | paxan_semenov/Shutterstock
Boston, Massachusetts | James Kirkikis/Shutterstock
Portland, Oregon | TerrenceLeezy/Moment/Getty Images
Traverse City, Michigan | Northern Way of Life/Shutterstock
Macon, Georgia | Sean Pavone/Shutterstock