Christina Aguilera calls Mickey Mouse an "a*****e" for not taking photo

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Eons ago, Christina Aguilera came to fame as a Mouseketeer, but it seems she and the big cartoon rodent have since grown apart, based on her recently calling Mickey "an a*****e".

The singer and judge on "The Voice" celebrated her birthday with friends two weeks ago at the California theme park, where she asked Mickey Mouse for a photo. But unlike a genie in a bottle, Aguilera’s request didn’t rub Mickey the right way; the man in the suit said his shift had just ended, and he declined the photo op.

Aguilera, being a diva, pulled the, “Do you know who I am?” card and proceeded to call Mickey an "a****e", before her cohort hurled further verbal abuse at the cast member.


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Disney security turned up soon thereafter, though Aguilera and her troublemaking friends had already left. Mickey -- who is definitely a bigger star these days than Xtina -- was apparently taken to a “safe zone”, where he recuperated from the incident, but probably still not from the crapfest that is that "Lady Marmalade" cover.

This episode goes to show: what a girl wants isn't always what she gets, even at "the happiest place in the world."

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