Yes, there's an entire town of monkeys drinking juice boxes

In most American cities, the only wildlife you have to contend with are rats, pigeons, and, unless you live in Detroit, an occasional wild dog. Not so in Lopburi, a small Thai city northwest of Bangkok that's pretty much been taken over by a horde of rambunctious monkeys. They're like separatist rebels. Seriously, see for yourself.

Lopburi's monkeys are a type of Macaque, the second most common primates in the world (after humans, of course). They roam the city's streets uninhibited and have been known to crap on people from above before, apparently, stealing their smokes.

Even though the furry troublemakers are free to wander about the city, they mainly hang out (in more ways then one, it would seem) around Prang Sam Yot, a Khmer temple in the center of town. Look at this guy, just throwing it out there. #swagger

monkeys with buddha
Flickr user Vera & Jean-Christophe
Believed to have descended from Hanuman, a monkey king from Hindu scripture, the Macaques are thought to bring good luck to the city's residents.
sleepy monkeys
Flickr user spotter_nl
Hanuman's descendants count eating, petty theft, and making rude gestures among their main activities, not to mention looking downright adorable when they sleep.
monkey sex
Flickr user Adam Baker
Move along, nothing to see here. If you're uncomfortable with public displays of monkey sex, perhaps you'd find a primate-free town more to your liking. 
baby monkey on temple
Flickr user Adam Baker
But look at the result: you get to see plenty of monkey families! Grumpy Dad monkeys, concerned Mom monkeys, cute as hell monkey kids, etc.

...and my PRECIOUSSS!! This little SmĂ©agol-esque fella looks like he's been drinking all night, which is a distinct possibility considering these crazy dudes guzzle everything in sight.

No joke, but throughout Lopburi there are actually signs warning tourists about purse-snatching monkeys in search of food. As a result, it's become official practice to feed the hooligans regularly in order to keep incidents down -- there's even a Monkey Banquet that's been held annually since 1989.

Apparently, one of the Macaques is having a cookout. Yes, they enjoy a good corn on the cob as much as we do.

Just a monkey on a roof drinking a juice box. It's almost as if this guy thinks he's people!

While this might seem like just another average monkey picnic, think again; those Sunny Ds (or is it Orangu…Tang?) were likely stolen from a nearby grocery store. Really, is there anything funnier than animals doing human things?

Like stealing hubcaps and car wheels. They've even got a lookout -- though, admittedly, he seems a bit disinterested. 

And this is what happens when you tag the wrong monkey to keep an eye out for the fuzz. The law's the law, and tire-stealing primates are just as likely to end up in the pokey as us. Awwwww...

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and he thinks that if Bananarama were smart, they'd have filmed all their music videos here. Follow him on Twitter @gjaccoma.