Couple fined for getting it on at altitude (and how you can get away with it)

Some people just can’t wait to get the party started. A man and woman were each fined $250 recently for having oral sex on an Allegiant Air flight bound for Vegas, despite multiple warnings from a flight attendant and several complaints from other passengers. The BJ allegedly took place throughout the length of the flight from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas. The pair took a break during drink service (natch). Horrified passengers caught glimpses of things no one should have to see (until you’re actually in Vegas), complaining to flight attendants: “This isn’t the kind of sex education I want to give my teenage sons”. We do kind of get it: some people are just into the mile high thing. If you absolutely, positively, have to get jiggy on an airplane, follow these tips to keep yourself arriving in style, and not in handcuffs. Take it to the bathroom: You might still get caught doing it in the bathroom, but at least you’re not doing it on top of your row-mates. Flying coach these days is already horrific enough. Pretend like you’re in high school: Remember when you had to get creative to hide from mom’s prying eyes? Get back to those days, when you were the ultimate sneak. Actually, just think of your mom sitting in the row next to you -- don’t do anything she could potentially see. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little hand-love under a blanket -- no harm, no foul? Ok, seriously, you’re a grown-ass man: Keep it in your pants until you land, bro. Hotel sex is hot. The couple obviously didn’t read our guide on how to get kicked off the plane. Rookie move!