Watch This Cat Hang Onto an Airplane Wing for Dear Life

Published On 06/22/2015 Published On 06/22/2015

Pilots have a pre-flight checklist of items to look over before takeoff, ranging from proper aileron function to hydraulic pressure. Apparently, stowaway cats should be added to said list:

The hilarious video above was recorded by Romain Jantot, a member of the ULM Flying Club in Kourou, French Guiana, and captures the moment when a cat crawls out of its hiding place inside the left wing of his ultra-light aircraft as he flies it hundreds of feet above the ground. It's basically William Shatner's worst nightmare.

The cat, a longtime mascot of the flying club -- who apparently made a habit of taking naps in this spot -- somehow managed to stay clung to the wing until Jantot brought his plane back down to the tarmac. It's a pretty safe bet that the airborne fur ball will probably find somewhere else to spend its downtime, though.

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