10 Videos That Prove Russians Are Insane

Ever since the Cold War days of Ivan Drago, Russian dudes have been portrayed as fearless madmen seemingly capable of anything. And while, naturally, a lot of that is exaggerated by Hollywood, there's enough real video footage on the Internet of Russians doing crazy-ass, over-the-top sh*t to make the stereotype seem more than a little justified. Also, there's Vladimir Putin.

In honor of their cold-sweat-inducing antics, we've compiled the 10 absolute wildest videos in this balls-out, adrenaline fest of Russian insanity.

Barbecuing on a drifting sheet of ice

These dudes turned a huge slab of ice from a frozen river into a makeshift raft, setting it adrift downstream as they stood on top popping champagne and roasting up some barbecue. Oh yea, also before busting out a slackline (on the floating ice!) to pass the time with some acrobatic insanity.

Scaling a Stalinist skyscraper

The Red Gates Administrative Building is one of Moscow's iconic "Seven Sisters" skyscrapers designed in typical Stalinist-style by one of the lead architects of the city's metro system. As such, it makes total sense that this guy'd wanna climb up and touch the giant Soviet star nearly 400ft up at the building's pinnacle.

Snapping selfies high above Dubai

Way back in 2014, 19-year-old Alexander Remnev visited Dubai with his buddies and took the opportunity to scale the Princess Tower, the then-tallest residential building in the world. They shot some insane, vertigo-inducing, 360-degree selfies from 1,300ft up at the tippy top as well. What were you doing at age 19, again?

Trainsurfing. Just... trainsurfing.

Short of baking with dynamite, trainsurfing seems like just about the dumbest activity you can possibly do; yet, that didn't stop these teens from clambering atop a speeding passenger train, then leaping to another speeding passenger train on the next track over. Pay close attention to the very end of the clip, when one kid narrowly avoids becoming Dennis Hopper at the end of Speed.

Climbing the construction crane atop a Chinese tower

The dudes behind the OnTheRoofs series of urban climbing videos pay a visit to China and ascend the second-tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower. They then climb the construction crane on top of the tower, taking them a grand total of 2,100ft up above the city. Every one of this video's 38 million views is well-deserved. These dudes are out of their effing minds.

Hacking a giant Hong Kong TV screen

After the above Shanghai video, OnTheRoofs then took a trip to the top of the China Online Center in Hong Kong. The 659ft-tall building's old hat for them at this point, so they up the ante by bringing along a drone, hacking into the massive LED billboard up top, and broadcasting their Shanghai footage along with the message, "What's Up Hong Kong?"

Diving into a snowbank from five stories up

Russian winters are infamously brutal, but it takes a certain kind of reckless nutjob to decide that the snow pile by your apartment is tall enough to leap into from the building's roof. It's basically the adult version of what you always dreamed of doing as a kid, but with none of the mortal injury your mom warned about.

Base jumping from the school library

Presumably in an attempt to escape the rigors of a finals week cram session, these two Moscow State University students opted to base jump out of a 20th floor library window back in 2006.

Balancing on railings and hanging from towers

While he's technically Ukranian, the urban climber known as Mustang Wanted is plenty crazy enough to hang with the Russians -- literally, as in the dude regularly hangs off towers, buildings, and the towers on the tops of buildings.

Note the beginning of the video above, where he dangles his girlfriend over the edge of a roof and she reacts with none of the fear you'd expect from a sane human being.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and and is fluent in more than seven languages that he made up himself. Follow him on Twitter at @gjaccoma.