The CIA teaches you how to cook like a Michelin-star chef

No, not that CIA, these dudes are the Culinary Institute of America; an organization founded precisely one year before the coup-factory in Virginia in 1946, and since that time, the only way to gain access to their own set of whipping, beating, and tenderizing skills was by attending their school. Now, however, they're opening their gates to amateur chefs and cooking fans for a 3-5 day course at one of their three US locations.

CIA Boot Camp

Unlike most "Boot Camps", you'll be eating your face off and learning how to cook pretty much whatever it is your heart, errr... stomach desires: Mediterranean, Asian, French, American regional, Italian, etc.

CIA Boot Camp Campus

Find yourself skipping across the quad, again, at their three campuses across the US: Hyde Park, NY; St. Helena, CA; and San Antonio, TX.

CIA Boot Camp Instructors

The pro instructors are the same that teach in the world's premier culinary college (theirs). They have many, many awards between them, and they ALL wear those cool hats.

CIA Boot Camp Skill

If you've got two left thumbs, that's not natural. You should probably see someone. But, if you understand that figure of speech, sign up for dexterity teaching courses like skill development.

CIA Boot Camp Steak

In the "Grilling and BBQ" class you'll learn how to grill the perfect steak, hot smoke stuff, and barbecue everything from seafood, to meat, to....

CIA Boot Camp CHicken

... poultry. Yes, you'll learn about the ole beer can and chicken dance.

CIA Boot Camp Best

Those that can't make up their mind will sign up for the "Best of CIA Boot Camp", where each day of Boot Camp has a different theme (baking, desserts, bistro cooking, etc.).

Wine enthusiasts rejoice, as the CIA also has a course that will properly train your palate as professionals teach you tasting techniques to find the quality characteristics of wine, how to engage all of your senses, and learn how to describe the wines made from them. Which, we might add, are all trade secrets.