Dakar 2013 went all over South America, and we're all over showing you the epic photos from it

Dakar Rally Raid 2013
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Right now while you're wasting time reading this, a handful of the world's gnarliest dudes are gearing up to race across the harsh and unforgiving mistress that is the South American back country. They're going to do it using motorcycles, trucks, cars, and four-wheelers (basically, anything that takes gas), and they're going to do it in the hope of merely qualifying for the epicness that is the Dakar Rally Raid 2014.And, while they set their sites on the June 16-22 "first act" of the 2013 Dakar Series (the Desafio Ruta 40 in Argentina), you should just set yours on this bodacious photo-tour of the Peru to Chile Rally Raid that was earlier in 2013.Photos: Dakar Rally