Baggage handler caught smuggling dozens of guns to passenger

Around the holidays, every jamoke is cramming overstuffed bags and cases into the overhead bin. Turns out one of them is basically Antonio Banderas from Desperado.

Eugene Harvey, a baggage handler for Delta Airlines at Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, allegedly helped smuggle a total of 153 firearms (153?!) to an accomplice -- also a former Delta employee -- on five or more flights from Atlanta to New York between May and December. Harvey, who was arrested Monday, and his accomplice were caught when they allegedly sold one of the smuggled weapons to an undercover cop in New York. 

The gun-running passenger, Mark Quentin Henry, was arrested on Dec. 10 at New York’s JFK airport, where officials discovered 18 guns (including seven that were loaded) and ammunition in his carry-on Oakley backpack. And you can't even take your full-size shampoo!

Cameras at Hartsfield-Jackson show on the morning of Dec. 10, Henry passed through security and met up with Harvey in the men’s restroom where he allegedly filled his bag with guns. An FBI affidavit states that Harvey abused his security clearance by using Delta’s employee parking lot and entering the secure part of the airport with the weapons in tow. Employees with Harvey's security clearance aren't screened like normal passengers.

According to airline spokesman Morgan Durant, Delta is assisting officials with the continued investigation, and he told CNN: "We take seriously any activity that fails to uphold our strict commitment to the safety and security of our customers and employees”. 

Um, well yeah. Because last time anyone checked, carry-ons don't include side holsters, even if they do fit under the seat.