Delta's New Safety Video Is Full of Doge, Roomba Cat, and Other Internet References

Airlines have gone to great lengths to make their infamously boring in-flight safety videos more watchable, injecting them with everything from hobbits to swimsuit models.

In keeping with that trend, Delta Air Lines has released a new safety video that's packed to the gills with more than 20 different Internet references, ranging from relatively recent ones like Roomba Cat and Doge to positively archaic ones like the Annoying Orange and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. It's kinda like Weezer's Pork And Beans music video from 2009, only it's twice the length, and the music's a lot less enjoyable.

We've included the full six-minute video below, along with Delta's cheat sheet listing each reference and exactly when they pop up. Because unless you're stuck on a plane, who has time to watch a six-minute video?

0:03 Keyboard Cat
0:18 Double Rainbow Guy
0:26 Annoying Orange
0:30 Roomba Cat
0:45 Rahat’s Prank
1:05 Evolution of Dance
1:25 Slow Mo Guy
1:43 Harlem Shake
1:51 Deltalina
1:52 Screaming Goat
2:02 Internet Browser
2:23 Peanut Butter Jelly Time 
2:31 Dramatic Chipmunk
2:48 Charlie Bit My Finger
3:23 Clicking Finger
3:51 Overly Attached Girlfriend 
4:02 Ice Bucket Challenge
4:09 Dancing Baby (Dancing Baby Animation provided courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. © 1999)
4:15 Hamsters Eating Burritos 
4:25 Nyan Cat
4:32 Doge
4:48 Mentos & Coke

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and a longtime devotee of Roomba Cat. Follow him to dank memes on Twitter @gjaccoma