E veryone needs a good "remember that time" Vegas story. For instance: Remember that time in Vegas when all we were trying to do was have brunch, but then we started talking to other people at the bar and got invited back to their house for more drinks and it devolved into an orgy because it turned out they were all swingers? Yep, that happened. And, yep, a certain group of my friends still talk about it. Vegas is a place of myth and legend, a city defined by its own The Hangover, "what happens in" hype machine. Yet it also walks the walk. Damn near anything can happen to anyone -- you just have to come prepared to say "yes" to everything.
L as Vegas has the world's highest proportion of celebrity-chef restaurants per capita, or pretty close, anyway. We're not just talking about one or two spots per big-name chef; we're talking multiple locations across multiple properties. Because with Vegas, most visitors aren't going to stray too far from their home-base hotels for their meals.
Chicken & Waffles at Yardbird | Yardbird
By Rob Kachelriess

Much like strip clubs, dining options in Vegas are seemingly infinite. But you’d be remiss to wander into the first random steakhouse you see. Whether you crave something quiet away from the madness of the Strip or the crown jewel of celebrity-chef joints, here are your best bets. Click here for full article...

Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast Casino | Mona Shield Payne / Thrillist

Despite what Vegas wants you to think, you don't have to rack up a quadruple-digit tab to have a good time here. Save your funds for the strip clubs -- reasonably priced buffets, late-night eats, and bottomless brunches are this way. Click here for full article...

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Welcome to Vegas. Have a drink in your hand yet? Down longnecks at a quirky dive with Elvis on the juke, fall into a punch bowl, or sip something masterful you can't find back home. Pick your poison and drink up, the night is calling. Click here for full article...

The Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan | Denise Truscello
By Nicole Rupersburg

Vegas is where good decisions go to die. And they die inside 24-hour bars famous for their "Ass Juice." Bars with 117,000-gallon saltwater aquariums with live mermaids. Absurdly glitzed-out bars that boast a 360-degree something or other. Behold, the most Vegas-AF bars of all the Vegas bars. Click here for full article...

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District One is serving up a steaming-hot bowl of Vegas extravagance. And there's an entire frickin' lobster in it. Click here for the full article...

D eep breath. OK, here goes: You are in over your head here. You are always in over your head here. Doesn't matter how often you visit -- hell, it doesn't even matter if you live here -- Vegas has a way of taking whatever it is you believed about yourself, and the world, and the nature of reality, and twisting it into a warped surrealist mutation of itself. This city will eat you if you let it. It is stronger than you. You are now in high-stakes risk management mode.  
One giant mistake | Tao
By Nicole Rupersburg

Donny, you're out of your element. You will inevitably eff up here -- just don't get dismembered. Don't get heat stroke. Don't wind up with a felony. Keeping these few crucial things in mind will help minimize the damage. Click here for full article...

Jason Hoffman/Thrillist
By Sean Chaffin

You will not beat the house. But you can sidestep those devious, glittering mousetraps set out for you that generations of sucker bets have financed. Click here for full article...

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By Rob Kachelriess

The taller, much louder half of Vegas' longest-running magic show tells us where he sends his out-of-town friends for magic, comedy and "the best Thai restaurant in America." Click here for full article...

S o, the truly Vegas things are actually synonymous with Vegas: gambling, strip clubs, nightclubs, day clubs, swingers clubs (more on that later). And then there's all the other stuff you can do here that you maybe don't know as much about yet. It's true. You have options now. 
Fremont Street Experience | kan_khampanya/shutterstock
By Rob Kachelriess

Despite the fact that everyone in this town is doing their outright damnedest to squeeze every last cent (and shred of dignity) out of you, there's still plenty of free fun to be had. Click here for full article...

By Dave Tzorfas

Looking to escape normal life? You've come to the right city. Las Vegas straight-up DGAF, and there's always something outrageously weird, bizarrely themed, and 100% unique to do. Click here for full article...

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Las Vegas is one of the best places for outdoors enthusiasts in the country. So put down the poker chips and get outside. Here's how to to experience all its natural splendor. Click here for full article...

W elcome, all ye sinners! Vegas may not be America's sexiest city -- that distinguished honor belongs to Miami -- but it is the most sex-fueled city. In Vegas, sin -- and skin -- are in. Could be because of all the pools and clubs filled with scantily clad barely legals who give away what strippers get paid to do, or it could be the abundance of said strippers, or all of the sexy topless shows (and let's not forget the nearly naked male revues!), or the actual, for-real sex inside the local swingers clubs (lookie-loos are allowed, but participation is encouraged). And of COURSE there is that whole "prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada" thing -- which, while Las Vegas is technically not one of the parts where prostitution is "legal" (the brothels are all about an hour's drive west of Vegas)… c'mon.
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Whatever you're into -- whatever you do or do not tell your neighbors back home when they ask about your trip -- you'll find it here. Click here for full article...

Crazy Horse III | Crazy Horse III

Do you know the ONE strip club in Vegas that has both full nudity and a full bar? Well, we do. Click here for full article...

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"I get paid like a surgeon. You might not know this, but money is really slippery." Click here for full article...

L as Vegas is not like other cities. This cannot possibly be emphasized enough. The amenities you might expect from other cities -- walkable neighborhoods with street-front restaurants and retail, a vague sense of local identity -- do not apply here. Vegas is basically the Strip followed by miles of low-slung strip malls and tract housing in every direction and then the desert, the end.
Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa | Station Casinos
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Resorts here are mammoth, the size of whole city blocks. Minimize your time-on-foot and select one that caters to what you're really here for. Click here for full article...