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There's an Entire Frickin' Lobster in This Bowl of Pho

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Las Vegas is a city of crushingly low lows and inconceivably high highs. When you're flying close to the sun, you can feel it -- it's the adrenaline when you exit a casino with fistfuls of green, or when you look down and find an entire lobster in your bowl of pho.

That's the kind of extravagance that awaits you at District One, an Asian fusion restaurant tucked away in Chinatown about 10 minutes from the Strip, where you'll find massive bowls of pho fit for a king (or, honestly, at least a couple of kings).

Seriously, their lobster pho arrives with an entire lobster swimming in a bowl of broth. Lavish? Yes, but even more decadent is the fact that the restaurant flies this prized crustacean in from Maine every day just for the dish. To make it, the broth is simmered with lobster shells, then added to a bowl of rice noodles with the cooked lobster -- head, tail, and everything in between -- and finished off with traditional pho toppings, like cilantro and scallions.

If you’re more of a meat hound, District One also serves up an equally over-the-top bone marrow pho. Freaking enormous bone marrow bones are stewed in broth, and after, rested on top of noodles and other add-ons. I'd challenge you to find something more ostentatious than these bowls of pho, but I'd lose... this is Vegas, after all. -- Amy Schulman, Editorial Production Assistant

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