This is the snorkeling mask to end all snorkeling masks

Literally the only thing mouth breathers had going for them was snorkeling -- but now those days are over too, thanks to Tribord’s new Easybreath snorkeling mask.


Snorkeling has never been a good look for anyone -- lips squeezed into a perma-duckface, nose squished into see-through cups, sad panda eyes peering through fogged-up goggles – but the new Easybreath does away with all of that, instead turning you into a colorful iMac G3/Hannibal Lecter hybrid.

Developed by French watersport company Tribord, the Easybreath revolutionizes the “sport” of snorkeling. The one-piece, full-face mask allows you to breathe through your nose as you normally would, and allows for full 180-degree visibility so that you’ll always find Nemo.


Some fancy double airflow system makes sure you don’t fog up, and the snorkel has a valve that automatically plugs itself when immersed in water, so no more swallowing ocean brine. Basically, all your style, fog, and choking-to-death gripes have been addressed in one single mask.

The Easybreath comes in five different colors to totally match your board shorts; if you're really into it, check out this video and get it here.

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Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and has had frequent flyer status since she was born in a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her @Sohostyle