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I used to spend quite a lot of time underwater. Now, I’m grateful for every chance I get. You see a coastline so alive and plunging like Dominica’s and water that electric, and you just want to dive in. L’Abime dropped far below 70 feet, the Abyss, within Soufriere-Scott’s Head Marine Reserve near Roseau. The wall was remarkably close to shore and lush with whip corals, barrel sponges I wanted to sit fairy-like within (some were that big!), feathery black corals that look green and tube sponges glowing canary yellow. For a blissful hour sucking air, I was back geeking out among all my familiar friends: gobies and wrasse, tube worms and Christmas tree worms, bar jacks and squirrel fish, schools that rained down the reef vertically like silvery sleet. There were enormous lobsters in hidey holes, feisty candy cane shrimp shaking their antennas at me in warning and a golden spotted eel threading like a scarf through the wall without a care in the world. I don’t mean to sound like a wikipedia entry on West Indies marine life, these guys all used to be my friends and it was good to see them again without another distraction in the world. You can get your wonder back underwater, I learned it before in other magical parts of the planet and I was reminded of it again on the wall at l’Abime. @discoverdominica @kempinski.dominica @scubadivingmag

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