Crazy Drone Video Explores the World's Largest Cave

Published On 03/17/2015 Published On 03/17/2015

Caves play this weird, Freudian duality for most people: their unknown is scary as all get out, but too tempting not to explore. Just ask The Goonies.

Well, photographer Ryan Deboodt indulged in everyone's spelunking urges by shooting this beautiful video of Hang Son Doong, the world's largest cave. Located in Vietnam, the cave stretches 5.5mi, with ceilings 500 feet above ground level. But Debbodt's footage has the advantage of being shot via drone, gaining access to areas otherwise inaccessible to humans.
A jungle, towering walls of limestone, and a natural staircase add to the unreal feeling of this monolithic structure. Deboodt even reported to the Daily Mail he “wouldn't have been surprised to have seen a dinosaur” inside the cave. Hopefully a Stegosaurus. That's definitely the best dinosaur.
Spoiler: No actual dinosaurs were filmed. But the best part of the video comes about two minutes in, when a time-lapse shows a beam of sunlight touching down on the cave floor. If that doesn't make you want to go spelunking, well, pretty much nothing will.



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