Dude works the system and eats off a first class plane ticket for A YEAR

Free drinks. Turn-down service. Yards of legroom. More free drinks. Although the siren song of first class amenities beckons us all, fewer and fewer Americans respond to the eye-watering fares that come with access to the pointy end of the plane at 30k feet. For most of us, buying a first class ticket just isn't practical; not so, for the mysterious fellow who used his first class ticket to score a year's worth of free meals in China.

See, most of the squares who fly first class do just that: fly first class. Not this guy. Dude walked into the Xi'an Airport, flashed his first class creds at the China Eastern Airlines lounge, availed himself of free food and booze, then rolled out like it was no big deal. He'd then pick up the phone, delay his departure day, and do it all over again like Bill Murray in an early '90s rom-com. He pulled this off upwards of 300 times before anyone took notice, and then what'd he do? Cancelled the ticket for a full refund.

Officials for China Eastern denounced the man's "rare acts", but admitted there's technically no way to avoid dine-and-dashing from the lounge with an open ticket. Though we would never want to go to the airport every day for a year, we tip our hats to this lounge-lubber.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist's Travel vertical, and is fluent in more than seven languages that he made up himself. Follow him on Twitter at @gjaccoma.