Passenger Live-Tweets Hilarious Cabin Crew Argument on Delayed Flight

All of us have experienced a delayed flight at some point in our lives, and while we now know most of those delays are caused by the airlines themselves, how many are delayed by the actual flight crew?

Turns out, at least one: an easyJet flight from London to Belfast was forced to return to its gate on Wednesday, thanks to a heated argument that erupted between two members of the flight crew. Unfortunately for the passengers, the disagreement resulted in a nearly 90-minute delay for a flight that, under normal circumstances, would have only taken about an hour.  Fortunately for the rest of us, though, one of those passengers (a TV presenter named Dan Lobb) decided to live-tweet the spat.

The exact cause of the fight was unclear, but Lobb offered a bit more clarification on the two combatants:

The bickering duo were eventually ejected from the flight and subbed for non-argumentative replacements, although Lobb wasn't exactly optimistic:

While neither crew member displayed even a modicum of professionalism, at least they refrained from deploying the emergency chute. Let's hear it for small victories?

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Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist, and he once got ejected from a flight for refusing to restrain his comfort sloth. Follow him on Twitter @gjaccoma.