8 hotels where you're the only guest

Published On 04/08/2014 Published On 04/08/2014

Because the easiest way to score VIP treatment at a hotel is to either be rich or the ONLY guest, here are eight exclusive accommodations around the world that boast one single room -- and your host's undivided attention.

One Room Hotel

One Room Hotel -- Prague, Czech Republic
Size: Approx. 300sqft
Rate: $900/nt
This suite's the only spot in town where your view of the city won't be spoiled by the bizarre-looking Žižkov Television Tower. Why is that, you ask? Because it's ON TOP of said tower, 216ft up in the air. Even better, there's a restaurant and bar up there as well, accessible from your room via a private spiral staircase.

Life is Good

Life is Good -- Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Size: 420sqft 
Rate: $185/nt
Built on an 18thC Dutch farm, the aptly named Life is Good hotel comes equipped with an outdoor garden, private fitness area, and infrared sauna, not to mention a cozy fireplace and small rooftop terrace.

Facebook user Central Hotel and Cafe

Central Hotel -- Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 130sqft
Rate: $330/nt
Located in what was once a red-light district, above the smallest coffee shop in all of Copenhagen, this former cobbler's apartment which dates back to 1905 now sports a double bed, flat-screen TV, and super-cheap mini-bar (which is almost better than this one). It's run by a former prop and set designer who also owns nearby Granola Cafe, where you'll be enjoying your complimentary breakfasts.

Living Architecture

A Room for London -- London, United Kingdom
Size: 678sqft
Rate: $500/nt for two, $200/nt solo
It doesn't get much more exclusive than this boat-suite atop the Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall; available only until the end of 2014, potential guests are required to win a lottery before they can shack up for a single night. Yes, just ONE. You're going to want to take a look inside, right here.

Facebook user Hotel Droog

Hotel Droog -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 753sqft
Rate: Available upon request
Part of the Droog design company's headquarters, this art gallery/ shop/ cafe/ spa/ garden doubles (quintuples?) as, you guessed it, a hotel. The sole room for rent is upstairs, and features a full kitchen and bath, breathtaking city views, and killer natural lighting; like you, it's also equipped for business meetings and parties.

Casa Manni

Casa Manni -- Rome, Italy
Size: 900sqft
Rate: $960/nt to $1500/nt, depending on the season
This ultra-bespoke suite's built in a 17th-century palazzo in the heart of Rome and every window comes with a view -- even the one in the bathroom. Stocked with all the finest china and silver you don't have at home, it's run by a dude who owns his own olive oil company -- so expect a gift bottle of extra virgin before departing.

The One Hotel

The One Hotel -- Siem Reap, Cambodia
Size: 320sqft
Rate: From $160/nt
Founded by an American in one of Cambodia's up-and-coming resort towns, The One Hotel's two-level suite boasts a rainfall shower, custom teak wood bed, and exclusive rooftop terrace.

Havenkraan van Harlingen

Havenkraan van Harlingen -- Harlingen, The Netherlands
Size: 650sqft
Rate: $438/nt
Built inside a converted harbor crane, the hotel's part of a trio of unique accommodations in the area that also include a refurbished lighthouse and renovated lifeboat. The beauty of HvH is that guests, who take one of two elevators up to their suite (located in the former machine/control rooms), can actually change the view by rotating the cabin. Seriously, they let you drive the crane!

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and his New York apartment would fit right in with these tiny hotels. Follow him on Twitter @gjaccoma.

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1. One Room Hotel Žižkovská televitní věž, Praha,

As its name suggests, this hotel's only got one room -- this is most certainly a good thing, as the room's located 200ft in the air atop a TV tower. There's a restaurant up there too, which you can access via private spiral staircase.

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2. Life is Good Angle Fokker 27 5473VD , Noord-Brabant,

The history of this quaint, luxury bed and breakfast located in an idyllic Dutch farm goes back to 1730.

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3. Central Hotel & Café Tullinsgade 1, København V, 1618

This tiny hotel room's located atop an equally tiny cafe which claims to be the "smallest cafe in the world". Whether or not that's true, the room itself is the most tastefully appointed walk-in closet you'll ever see, and it's centrally located (as you might've guessed).

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4. Hotel Droog Staalstraat 7B, Amsterdam, 1011 JJ (Amstelveen)

Part of an art gallery/ clothing store/ housewares shop by the Dutch design company Droog, this one-room hotel is as exclusive as it gets. Book early, as this sucker's in high demand all year long!

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5. Casa Manni Via di Pietra, 70, Roma, 00186

Owned by an olive oil maker, Casa Manni is located inside a 17thC palazzo but is full of modern luxury.

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6. The One Hotel Angkor The Passage, Siem Reap,

This one-room hotel features a two-person bathtub, rainfall shower, and custom teak wood bed. Plus, since you're the only guest, the staff are at your beck and call 24/7.

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7. Havenkraan Dokkade 5, Harlingen, 8862NZ

This converted harbor crane is now a completely awesome one-room hotel, along with the nearby lighthouse and lifeboat operated by the same company. Best part: you can control the crane, making it rotate to change the view from your bedroom.



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