Boobies on Facebook cause massive stir

The double entendre-savvy marketing team over at Christmas Island recently turned to Facebook, concocting a pretty shrewd strategy to advertise the island's annual Bird 'n Nature Week... and, more importantly, to draw attention to its population of endangered birds: the boobies. The CI team posted a pic of a baby brown booby and the supplementary text "Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies". Jesus Christ-mas Island!

Facebook responded by removing the photo, saying it was in breach of their decency guidelines. That's pretty laughable when you realize Facebook has a page dubbed "Ultimate Boobs" with over 940k likes... and a very suspicious lack of endangered birds..

If Christmas Island sounds familiar, it's because it's also the site of a mass crab migration, where millions of red crabs suddenly decide they all need to go to the beach and get it on while David Attenborough stands around and mumbles things like "phenomenal!".

Forget Hedonism II; Christmas Island Spring Break 2015