Hunt with a rocket launcher, you know, because you have terrible aim

Everyone wants something different from a vacation. While one traveler enjoys walking tours and art museums, another prefers swim-up bars and jumping off waterfalls. And then there's that random psychopath who just wants to blow up a cow with a rocket launcher. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!?!? Sadly, it's not, as there's a place in Cambodia where even the world's worst hunter would have little problem bagging a buck. Sorry -- a bovine.

Killing fields sign
Flickr: William Deutsch

Talk about tragic irony; the range is located not far from Phnom Penh’s sobering tourist attraction, the Killing Fields, where more than 100,000 Cambodians were buried after being executed by the Khmer Rouge during their reign of terror in the '70s.

Flickr: Joshua Rappeneker

Enjoy hunting but aren't particularly good at it? Maybe you suffer from the yips, have an astigmatism, or grew up in Massachusetts and are scared of guns -- not a problem. Upon arrival, customers are presented with an extensive menu of weapons from which to choose, ranging from AK-47s and long rifles to handguns, grenades, and rocket launchers. Clearly, there's no need to worry about accuracy here.

Wikimedia Commons

Also on the menu? The targets. Maybe you prefer to warm up on something small, like a chicken. That'll be $100 if you opt for the machine gun. On a budget? Then best to roll with the pistol: it's only $15. On an even tighter budget? Well, you can watch a cow walk through a mine field for free. If only we were making this up.

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If you'd rather project the pent-up rage you're harboring toward your parents on some unwitting trees and rocks, the Cambodians aren't going to stop you.

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Maybe this pond reminds you that Dad always went fishing instead of coming to your baseball games? Hand over that grenade!

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Still thirsting for blood? Not tuckered out from obliterating the previously-serene Southeast Asian landscape? Have terrible purple highlights for a dude your age? The "special of the day" every day is a B-40 rocket launcher plus cow combo for $400. That's $200 for the pleasure of shooting a rocket launcher, and $200 for the cost of the cow. Should you manage to miss the cow, you get that $200 back -- which translates to 13 chickens. Also, the cow lives, albeit with an inability to control its bladder.