Watch What Happens When a Fisherman Catches a Drone

Published On 08/10/2015 Published On 08/10/2015
Youtube/Tice Ledbetter

Fisherman, take note: when the fish are scarce, there's still hope of reeling something in. It's just going to be of the flying gadget variety.

YouTube user Tice Ledbetter posted a video on Friday of his drone being hooked by an annoyed fisherman with pretty great aim. The incident took place at the Pacific Beach pier in San Diego, and the video shows the expert catch as it happens, followed by the drone seemingly struggling as it continues to fly around on the line. Ledbetter, who was able to retrieve his drone without damage, was impressed by the fisherman's aim, too. He captioned the video "What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!"

Check out the video Ledbetter was filming of the pier before his drone was hooked:

Youtube/Tice Cinematic Media

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