Flight attendants are already making Ebola kits

Ebola Kit

While a huge percentage of your Facebook news feed is unnecessarily convinced that an Ebola Apocalypse is currently upon us, there is a certain segment of the population that would benefit from taking precautions. Namely, flight attendants. Or people flying, in general. Also, nurses treating Ebola patients. Obviously.

To protect themselves and passengers from possible infection, a number of flight attendants (particularly those based on the Eastern Seaboard) have begun making their own makeshift, probably-not-sanctioned-by-the-CDC “Ebola kits” to bring on board.

We spoke with one (who didn't want to go on record) to find out which items are being included.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves

The airlines actually provide these for stuff like trash collection and food service, but FA's have been hoarding them of late in the wake of the Ebola scare. Given the fact that they’re basically like condoms for your hands, they should be the first thing you pack.

Antibacterial soap

Anti-bacterial soap

Yes, we’re all well aware that “anti-bacterial” doesn’t mean “will kill Ebola”. But it’s a helluva lot better than the stuff that comes out of the spout in the airplane bathroom. And, you don’t have to put your hands on said spout, where people who just used the bathroom put theirs.

Clorox bleach wipes

Bleach wipes/Handi-wipes

To wipe down EVERYTHING. Especially the bathroom and commonly touched areas like the overhead compartment handles or door latches.

Nasal Spray

Nasal spray

This is used primarily to flush potential germs out of your nose.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Since the outbreak, it’s harder to find this stuff in an airport than it is a Spirit flight leaving on time. Ba-ZING!


Vaseline with Q-tips

This seems more like an item you’d pack in your in-flight boxing survival kit, but in addition to being a fighter’s best friend, a little Vaseline up your nose effectively stops germs from getting in. It will not, however, keep you from looking silly when you apply it with a Q-tip. Also, be careful doing that if there’s turbulence.