Get a pro to do your airfare searching

Published On 02/21/2012 Published On 02/21/2012

Sure, everyone wants good deals on airfare, but the attention span and dedication necessary to source & compare them is generally only found in people who are successful enough to not actually need a good deal on airfare, which is exactly why a group of Aussie entrepreneurs've started up Flightfox: a dead-simple service whose coterie of vetted "industry experts" will use their cost-cutting know-how in a cutthroat competition to find you the cheapest flight possible. The three steps:

Step 1: Post a "flight contest" containing your trip deets (# of travelers, class, etc...), set a deadline, and note any additional requests, from the max # of stops, to your preferred airline, to any meal restrictions, which should be easy, since almost no airlines serve food anymore.

Step 2: Flightfox will start by setting your trip's floor price based on Expedia/ Kayak fares, then those experts will use their shadowy skillz to cut fares, surcharges, and taxes before submitting deals they've found, which you can keep tabs on in real time.

Step 3: When the deadline's up, browse the submitted flights, select your best match, and use PayPal to send the winning industry expert a incentivizing finder's fee of $29, so, um... maybe having the attention span and dedication to find airfare deals doesn't make you that rich.



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