Finally, a creepy Turkish ghost town that's for rent

If you're in the market for your own remote ghost town but keep getting outbid by annoying couples whose parents are clearly helping them with the downpayment, we may have some good news. It involves renting, but don't get discouraged.

There's an entire abandoned village in Turkey that's currently for rent -- but the lease is for 49 years, so it's pretty much like you own it.

Nestled amid the scenic Taurus mountains and up for auction next month, the 18th-century, formerly Greek town of Kayakoy is home to a boatload of beautiful (but decaying) stone houses and two churches. It's been neglected for almost a century after residents left in 1923 following the Greco-Turkish war, and though it's technically a protected archaeological site, tourists have continued to visit in recent years.

It was that attention, in fact, that led the Turkish government to open up some of the run-down albeit picturesque town to interested parties in an effort to, at least, partially restore it.

So, what does that mean for you, the interested renter? Well, whoever wins the auction on October 23 will have to front the bill for a hotel and other to-be-determined tourist attractions -- which are collectively estimated to cost around $13 million. Ok, so not the best rental deal. Although, averaged over 49 years... well, we'll let you do the math.

Either way, before totally not gauging your parents' interest in owning a Turkish ghost town, check out pictures below.

Flickr user Sarah Murray
Flickr user Chris Parfitt
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