Which US City Is Best for Your Paycheck?

When it comes to spending your hard-earned dollars, some states offer significantly more purchasing power than others -- aka the one reason it’s better to live in North Dakota than Hawaii. But what about the actual cities within those states?

Forbes, a publication famously all about the Benjamins, used recent data collected by Glassdoor to find the top 25 cities where your paycheck goes the furthest. Comparing each major city's median home value with its median salary resulted in small-to-medium-sized municipalities rising to the top, while big dogs like New York and Los Angeles were once again left begging for change.

Detroit took home first prize, thanks to its median salary of $45,000 and median home value of $114,000 -- although buying property in Detroit's admittedly more of a long-term play. Memphis, meanwhile, grabbed second place with a slightly lower median salary ($42,000) and home value ($102,000), and Pittsburgh ended up in third place with a median salary slightly higher than Memphis ($43,000) but a significantly more expensive home value ($124,500). 

Here's the full top 25:

25. Hartford, CT
24. Milwaukee, WI
23. Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN
22. Raleigh, NC
21. Jacksonville, FL
20. Chicago, IL
19. Tampa, FL
18. San Antonio, TX
17. Buffalo, NY
16. Charlotte, NC
15. Columbus, OH
14. Oklahoma City, OK
13. Louisville, KY
12. Birmingham, AL
11. Dallas, TX
10. Atlanta, GA
9. Cincinnati, OH
8. Houston, TX
7. Kansas City, MO
6. St Louis, MO
5. Indianapolis, IN
4. Cleveland, OH
3. Pittsburgh, PA
2. Memphis, TN
1. Detroit, MI

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and New York is pretty awful for his paycheck, all things considered. Follow him to Motor City on Twitter @gjaccoma, and send your news tips to