Delta Will Give You a Free Flight Just Because You're Nice

Published On 04/14/2015 Published On 04/14/2015

That old saying about bad things happening to good people? Delta Air Lines agrees. To celebrate not being an a-hole, Delta Air Lines recently announced a new initiative that will give free flights to people, simply because they're nice. It's like paying it forward, but fortunately, with way less Haley Joel Osment.
The Gift Back Project allows anyone to nominate a selfless friend or relative to receive a special gift from the airline. No, you can't nominate yourself. But eligibility is easy: just register on the Gift Back Project website and submit a video or essay describing why your loved-one deserves a gift and what that gift should be. Technically, gifts don't have to involve flying. You can ask for anything, but gifts must not cost over $15,000 and the airline will select winners partially based on “feasibility” of their gift request according to the complete rules. It's an airline giveaway, not a magic lamp, people.

The promotion lasts through June 8, 2015. After the deadline, two exceptional nominees will be rewarded with not-so-extravagant, but still excellent, gifts. Winners will be announced around June 18, 2015.

One gift was already awarded to Karin Newport, a military wife, caring mother, and Red Cross volunteer, who was featured in the promo video. Delta gave her free flights to Portland, where she will visit family.

Check out this video detailing the promotion:

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