Score a free trip to anywhere just by taking awesome photos

Imagine flying to Rio for free, in exchange for taking a bunch of pictures of Christ the Redeemer (without a nutjob standing on top). Well, that's exactly what MyMiniFactory is offering with its new Scan The World contest: free travel, anywhere in the world, in exchange for photos of the coolest monuments or sculptures at your destination.

Why? Because MyMiniFactory's in the business of 3D printing, of course. Okay, that doesn't make any sense, we know. But it will, read on.

Flickr user Creative Tools

Assuming you're not still playing King's Quest on a Commodore 64, then you're probably aware that people can use digital scans to print out 3D replicas of just about anything these days, from bottle openers to miniature versions of Keanu Reeves. In this case, though, MyMiniFactory wants to recreate statues and monuments from all around the world, and they need your help to scan 'em.

To enter the contest, just scan a sculpture of your choosing (using a digital camera and this how-to guide), and explain in 200 words where you'd like to go and what monuments you'd shoot when you're there. If you're selected, they'll cover all your transportation fees; you'll have to pay for everything else, though. Still, not a bad deal, right?

The competition ends October 31st, and you can learn more/enter by clicking here.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and he just ordered a mini Keanu for his desk. Follow him in a 3D-printed hat on Twitter @gjaccoma