Yes, they are now building a Brooklyn-like section of Paris

Turns out, Brooklyn may have more hipsters than it can hold.

In what may be a sign of a waxed-mustachioed apocalypse, a French entrepreneur wants to skip right over the gentrification of Gowanus and instead turn part of the Le Marais district of Paris into, you guessed it, a little Brooklyn. Or at least a neighborhood with the same plaid and horn-rimmed sensibilities.

In a social experiment of sorts, finance/real estate millionaire Cédric Naudon plans to create a hipster haven known as “La Jeune Rue” (the young road) in a historic (and aristocratic) Parisian neighborhood. The Brooklyn doppelganger will be a hotspot full of happening restaurants, hip local designers, and innovative architecture – every storefront being backed by some of the world’s most famous designers and architects.

The somewhat-accidental project began two years ago when Naudon opened the two Michelin starred restaurant, Le Sergent Recruteur. That was supposed to be the extent of it. Thirty million dollars later, he's amassed around 40 spaces on three streets (Rue du Vertbois, Rue Volta and Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth), and the dream of transforming the entire neighborhood into a land where beards roam wild and coffee is an art was born. The hood’s official slogan is “Produce better, eat better, live better”.

Intended to be a Disneyland for design aficionados and foodies -- full of organic restaurants, sustainable businesses, local craftsmanship -- the first storefronts opened in April and include a fishmonger created by Tom Dixon, tapas bar from Jasper Morrison, butcher shop by Michele De Lucchia, and a Wallpaper* store. Get on board.

Next up? A speakeasy, of course. By Ingo Maurer, of course.

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Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and would leave her Brooklyn for that one tomorrow. Follow her @Sohostyle