Smelly French guy kicked off AA flight for BO

A French man on board an American Airlines flight on Sunday allegedly stunk so bad, police had to remove him from the plane.

That's not even a punchline or anything. It's just a fact.

The dude reportedly smelled so offensive that fliers in his vicinity complained to the cabin crew, who then asked him to leave before the plane departed for Dallas from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport. The flight attendant reportedly told Pepé Le Pew, "You're with an American company, this is American territory and the captain has the right to refuse you... You will not be flying today". According to the same AFP report, he was also told to "take a shower".

If only these flight attendants could monitor the New York City subway.

The offensive flier blamed a Dior cologne that he'd spritzed on at Duty Free as the culprit, and is now filing a discrimination lawsuit against American Airlines. Some sources have also noted he did not appear to be inebriated or unkempt in any way.

However, as an American Airlines spokesperson told AFP, he apparently had "visa issues" that complicated his journey, though the spokesman neglected to elaborate further.

The man subsequently canceled his vacation planned for Los Angeles and said the experience had "totally changed the vision of America".

Perhaps his vision changed. But really, it was his smell that everyone else was concerned with.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. She was thinking of buying herself a perfume from Duty Free before her flight this Saturday, but is now having second thoughts. Follow her on Twitter at @ChloePantazi.