Genius Flight Attendant Blasts Top Gun Song over P.A. During Takeoff

Published On 08/10/2015 Published On 08/10/2015

Usually, attempts by flight attendants to entertain their passengers with humor are pretty cringeworthy, coming across more like failed stand-up routines than legitimately funny speeches. Or even worse, they decide to play guitar.

Not all attempts are doomed, though, as evidenced by the above video showing a member of the cabin crew on a Southwest flight who pumps things up to 11 by blasting Kenny Loggins' classic track from Top Gun over the loudspeaker during takeoff. To really seal the deal, he also recites a few choice lines from the movie as the plane begins to ascend -- they do not, however, buzz the tower.

Sure, the wisdom in playing a song called "Danger Zone" during a commercial airline flight might be a bit questionable, and the last thing a weary traveller wants to hear is a rock song from 1986 blaring tinnily over the loudspeaker, but as flight attendant entertainment goes, this is still pretty tough to beat.

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