Get McMarried at McDonald's

Love McDonald's so much you want to marry it? Well, now you can! Okay, not really. But your dreams can sorta come true by getting married in one, as locations all over Hong Kong offer wedding packages. Talk about a cheesy wedding.

In response to high customer demand (no, really), 15 Micky Ds across Hong Kong now double as wedding venues, having started offering a variety of wedding packages several years back.

Not surprisingly, as it is a fast food joint, their four packages (which have adorable names like Sweetly Party, Full Love Party, Happiness Party, and Love Forever Party) are wildly affordable, ranging from around $373 to $1,290.

In addition to the venue space, packages include an MC, decorations, invitations, a balloon bridal bouquet, weird balloon rings, wedding favors, and even gifts, like a pair of cups. Themes range from Romantic, to Chinese, to McDonaldland characters. 

There’s even a McDonald's Double Apple Pie Box Cake, but apparently, it's just for show/Instagramming. Should your budget allow, though, you can order props like balloon wedding gowns and hats.

But wait, that's not all. Why limit yourself to getting married in a McDonald's when it also hosts engagement parties, anniversary parties, and bridal showers? Yes, more dreams coming true. Only one catch: No alcohol allowed. 

And... we're done here.

But then again, nothing says "forever" like a shared french fry.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and this made her sad. Follow her @Sohostyle