F leur de Tease, a variety burlesque revue in the French Quarter, runs on delights: comedy, vaudeville, fire-eaters, aerialists, and, of course, scantily clad women. The star and producer of the monthly show, Trixie Minx, uses that promise of sexy silliness to pull in regulars and any tourists wandering by the lush velvety confines of One-Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St, New Orleans).
She also pushes her boundaries -- and probably yours. In one recent sketch, for example, she dove full-bore into an old phobia of hers: the folk tale of vagina dentata, or a vagina full of teeth. Trixie developed an entire burlesque scene from what she calls that “horrific” image, casting herself as a dentist taking on the dangerous vagina.
“It was this whole idea of taking something I was afraid of personally and poking fun at it,” Minx says. (You can see part of the sketch in the video above.)
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1. One Eyed Jacks 615 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (French Quarter)

One Eyed Jacks’ 300-capacity showroom is edged with sparkly, scarlet banquettes and mid-twentieth century pinup nudes painted on black velvet -- a swanky atmosphere representative of its history as an old French Quarter movie house and speakeasy. There’s not a bad sightline in this premier downtown New Orleans destination for touring indie acts, hip local bands, and DJ nights, like the long-running and beloved Thursday-night Fast Times '80s dance party. College kids mix with old punks and visitors, too, who are lucky enough to wander into the coolest spot in the touristy Quarter.



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