Breathtaking views of Downtown ATL right by the Georgia Dome

If the Georgia Dome and Phillips Arena weren't covered, you could probably enjoy your favorite basketball and football games from the comfort of your bed at the Glenn Hotel, a posh Downtown style emporium boasting a rooftop bar & lounge, contemporary Southern dining, and direct access to the ATL's premiere event and sports facilities

The Living Room is the perfect place start to start your morning with a coffee, or your evening with a not-coffee

The rooms are warmed by rich woods and orange accents

Grab a bite or full on meal at Glenn’s Kitchen, where Southern comfort food includes..

...these ribs that a practically begging you to strip them to the bone

The rooftop SkyLounge invites you to drink, relax, and mingle as you take in panoramic views of the city and jam out to the house DJ. Check out the video below and see what you're in for