Can You Identify These Cities in Google Maps' Pac-Man Game?

In an April Fools gag that's actually fun, Google Maps has added a toggle to turn any map into a game of Pac-Man. Just when you thought cab upstreamers and real estate brokers were bad enough, now Manhattan has actual ghosts. Woof. Check the bottom left hand corner of your Google Maps screen to change your favorite city into the classic arcade game.
We played on a bunch of ridiculous street layouts and made a game of our own: can you identify the cities in these transformed Pac-Man maps? See how map-savvy you are by testing your skills. We've even offered hints. Answers are at the bottom. What other cities have ridiculous street plans?

1. Ghosts, or crumpets?

2. Eternal chaos

3. Lots of celebs reside here

4. Security won't let you past the gate

5. Se habla español

6. You'll leave your heart in this squiggly street


1.London, UK
2. Rome, Italy
3. West Village, New York, NY
4. White House, Washington, DC
5. Madrid, Spain 
6.San Francisco, CA