132-year-old Mystery Rifle Discovered at National Park

Finding dad's Playboy collection in the shed leaves a 12-year-old boy thinking, "HOLY CRAP, BOOBS!" But rarely do such events occur in real life -- especially to adults. Well, one such holy-crap exception happened recently in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park when a 132-year-old Winchester rifle was found just resting against a tree, untouched for well over 100 years. Unfortunately, no decrepit smut mags were present. 

The brown gun was discovered last November in a remote area of the park, hidden for decades because its rusting barrel and crumbling wood stock blended seamlessly into the environment. The serial number on the repeating rifle, engraved “Model 1873”, suggests the firearm was made in 1882, when it would have cost just $25 to purchase, or nearly $600 in 2015 dollars. 

According to a post on the park's Facebook page, staff are researching newspapers and local family histories to figure out how the rifle wound up there, who owned it, and why no one went back for it. Maybe guns in 1882 were car keys in 2015. You definitely don't wanna fall on either one.

The park will display the firearm treasure before sending it off to conservators to avoid further damage. Once the gun is treated, it will be exhibited at the park as part of its 30th birthday celebration. Because nothing says "30th birthday" quite like a really old gun.

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