Great white shark attacks Cape Cod kayakers

Two women in their mid-20s went kayaking in Cape Cod Bay on Wednesday, expecting to take photos of cute seals. But they ended up biting off more than they could chew, as a great white shark ended up attacking one of their boats.

OK, so maybe it was the shark that did the biting and chewing. But you get the point.

The attack, which occurred just before 6pm, allegedly sent Kristin Orr flying, and even toppled over her friend Ida Parker's boat, leaving them in the water as the shark munched into Orr's kayak. The shark, estimated to be 12-14 feet long, took a sizable chunk of the boat when it eventually swam away. Though the boat sustained damage, the women were unharmed, and Plymouth's harbormaster brought them to shore after they called 911 from the water. 

Parker told NBC affiliate WITV she saw the shark emerge "completely out of the water". It "got the bottom of the boat, flipped [Orr] over and knocked my kayak completely over. I saw at least four feet of its head".

She further described the shark to the Associated Press as "dark gray" with a "pointy nose, big teeth, big eyes".

Well, yes, it is a shark.

"It was like right next to me. It was petrifying", Orr said. 

That certainly must have been.

From the bite marks left on Orr's boat, Massachusetts environmental police determined the shark was likely a great white. Earlier the same day, a woman reported seeing a shark attack a seal, which are known to attract the hungry predators.

Though there have been a recent number of shark sightings in the area, this has strangely attracted more tourists than it has sent them running. People are kinda dumb.

Despite a 2.5 hour search of the shark after the incident, the harbormaster couldn't locate the animal in question.

Orr and Parker are probably fine with that.