The Eastern Seaboard Is Freaking Out Over a Great White Shark

Great white sharks have been making plenty of waves recently. Get it?

But none has Americans freaked quite like Mary Lee, a 3,456-pound, 16ft-long great white that's caused a ruckus on the East Coast after she was detected swimming in the Atlantic Ocean about 10 miles off Wildwood, NJ, on Thursday morning.

The famous shark, who’s being tracked by non-profit organization OCEARCH, pinged in at around 6.12am near the Jersey Shore (quite a situation!). She made it there all the way from Virginia’s Assateague Island, where was spotted splashing around earlier in the week. And she's really been racking up the frequent swimmer miles: last month, she cruised by North and South Carolina.

Oh, and she looks like this:

Along with tracking Mary’s swimming patterns, you can follow her on Twitter. Yes, a shark has more followers than you, and managed to tweet with fins. When asked about her plans for Mother's Day:

Mary's reply to a question about her swim playlist:

And advice on how not to be her next meal:

Of course, she elaborated on her Shark Week plans:

New Jerseyans appear excited for Mary’s visit, while others are asking her if she’ll come visit them for a bite -- sorry, a bit.

Keep track of Mary Lee here, and pray that’s as close as you get to meeting the celebrity shark or any of her friends.